Visit your tree as it grows!

Children and their families are encouraged to join us at the planting sites. As a family you can then go back and visit "your" tree.

Watch it grow as your child does!

What is Rocks for Rescue?

Rocks for Rescue is a fundraiser that supports the care of rescued animals. Funds are raised by selling children's hand-painted rocks.

The Story

Rocks for Rescue was introduced to Arletta Montessori by one of its very own students, Rowan. He and his mom would find rocks on their property, choose favorite paint colors at the art store, and settle down for hours at a time creating special garden rocks for friends and family members.

During this same time, Rowan's family rescued a litter of Great Dane puppies and a homeless German Shepherd mom with her two puppies. Rowan wanted to raise money to help rescued animals, and he and his mom realized that he could use their rock painting hobby to collect donations to go toward the care of rescued animals while raising awareness of animals in need and encouraging children to contribute to a great cause.

Arletta Montessori is thrilled to partake in the Rocks for Rescue fundraising effort!

Rocks for Rescue

What is the Children's Tree Project?

The Children's Tree Project is the first of its kind in Gig Harbor. Working with a Washington State Forester and lead teacher Cheryl, the children will be responsible for the propagation, cultivation and care of very specific trees.

The trees will be of Cultural, Heritage, Habitat and Historical significance.

When ready for planting, the trees will be used to reforest community spaces such as parks and hiking trails.

This is a long term, year round project

The Children's Tree Project